is operating POOL COVER with ease

More and more people accepts swimming as the best exercise to health and beauty. Swimming is no more a summer recreation. Year-round operation of swimming pool is demanded. A practical and user-friendly pool cover is very important for heat retention at pool water in Winter. Beside the effect of saving energy/cost, sparing the environment, keeping the water crystal clear, if correctly designed, some pool covers can match the need of beautiful pools and prevent accidents.

Automatic Pool Cover
A rigid-slatted pool covers are long-lasting, hard-wearing and child’s play to operate. There is no folding, no pulling, no winding up with a crank – it is all done with the press of a button. It is fully automatic. It can be one of your selection of safety covers. With a rigid-slatted pool cover, you are making an active contribution to environmental protection and, at the same time, considerably reducing the maintenance costs of your swimming pool. The energy saving can be as much as 80%. This means pleasant water temperatures and reduced energy consumption.

Semi-Automatic Pool Cover
A semi-automatic winding system is simple to install. It is available to suit any cover size up to 25 metres x 10 metres, and can be either wall or floor mounted. The unit is made from non-corroding components and is fitted with a 24V motor.

Manual-Roller Pool Cover
Whatever the size of your pool, a manual system, which will be easy to handle and require a minimum of site time.

Choose from a range of winding equipment. This includes either a single or twin barreled system, with or without reduction gear box.