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  • air heating system

    is staying home in winter with AIR HEATING SYSTEM

    Our Air Duct Heater Module is designed and factory-assembled as an insertion unit to existing or newly built ductworks.  Upon ex-factory, it is completed with all components, including compartment(s), terminal cabinet, heating element(s), protective devices, control, wiring and insulation, on selection of client.

    It is commonly applied in all kinds of air heating systems, including
    –  Comfort heating
    –  Fresh air preheating
    –  Air reheating
    –  Process heating

  • far-infrared ceiling panel

    is feeling but not noticing the CEILING RADIATOR


    Efficient and discreet
    The low-temperature radiating panels are equipped with a surface resistance combined with a specific thermal insulation which ensures high thermal homogeneity and excellent performance. Their ultra-emissive finish is cleanable.


    Ease of installation and versatility
    Built-in models in a modular ceiling or models that are applied or suspended.


    Optional 6-Stop Thermostat
    Semi-recessed, this thermostat, with pilot light warning light, is programmable by pilot wire 6 orders.

  • floor warming

    is walking barefoot with FLOOR WARMING

    Electric heating cables are an effective and economic method of adding a cozy feel to a naturally cold ceramic, marble or stone type floors in winter. Even in summer, these types of floors can be very uncomfortable. These cables have solved this problem, making your beautiful floors one of the most sensuous and inviting aspects of your home.

    Installed beneath the surface of the floor, these cables will heat the floor to a comfortably warm temperature with a minimum use of electricity and will provide many years of maintenance-free comfort.

  • indoor fresh air system

    is refreshing your home with INDOOR FRESH AIR SYSTEM

    With the sophisticated integration of heat recovery module, heat pump module, air treatment module and accessories, Cozy Life provides you a total ventilation solution for a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate. The combination of cleaned fresh air supply, well-regulated air temperature and controlled humidity serves you naturally comfortable climate in indoor area.
    –  Optimal supply of oxygen, draught-free indoor air, no mildew, fine filters for allergy sufferers
    –  Constant air exchange prevents moisture and mildew formation and damage to the building structure
    –  Optional pre-tempered air in winter and summer
    –  Award-winning designer grilles to suit every kind of interior design
    –  Complete solutions for all areas of application, customised to the building and suited to all budgets
    –  Energy savings up to 50%, heat recovery up to 95%

  • mist-free mirror

    is looking at a MIST-FREE MIRROR after a warm shower

    Condensation on a bathroom mirror is not only an annoyance to persons attending to their appearance but it also destroys the ambience of the bathroom and quite literally gives a poor reflection of the creative skills of the designer.

    Be in the ranks of internationally acclaimed architects, interior experts, engineers, developers and hoteliers designing to the 21st century standards of excellence in interior fitout, you must consider mistfree mirror system(s) in your project(s).

    Whether for new projects or the refurbishment of existing properties, Mirror Heater Packs must be selected for their superior designs, quality, efficiency, safety features and proven record of maintenance-free performance against where mirrors may fog-up.

  • moist-free wardrobe

    is putting on warm & dry clothes from MOIST-FREE WARDROBE

    Our Moist-Free Wardrobe System consists of a specially designed panel with patented technology, adding just enough heat to the wardrobe environment for natural humidity control. The minimal design harmonises with any wardrobe interiors seamlessly, not obstructing your free access to warm and mold-free clothes.

  • packaged sauna

    is relaxing after work in SAUNA at home

    Sauna, as a Finnish tradition for good health, comes from the seamless fusion of wood, stone, water, and steam. Whether for a wellness treatment or a relaxing escape from another hard day, sauna is always an experience of pleasure. At the same time, sauna also brings you a bunch of health benefits: improved blood circulation and immunity, relief from muscle pain, stress relief, and physical and mental relaxation.

    Designed for natural aesthetics and easy assembly, our selection of packaged sauna rooms fit in any environments at ease. While a well-equipped sauna would certainly upgrade any indoor or outdoor areas, compact or even foldable designs are also here to serve less spacious interiors.

  • patio radiator

    is enjoying winter scenery under PATIO RADIATOR


    High Performance, High Efficiency Radiant Heat
    S-Wave high intensity low light radiant heat produced by Solaira, like sunshine, gives warmth you can feel the instant the heaters are switched on. Consider a cool cloudy day that becomes instantly warm when the clouds move and you are in full sunshine. The air temperature did not change but what you are feeling is the shortwave infrared produced by the sun…like Solaira Heaters. This shortwave infrared IS NOT DANGEROUS ULTRAVIOLET (UV) as this is another part of the spectral wavelength produced by the sun.


    Comfortable Radiant Heat
    Solaira S-Wave low glare quartz halogen emitters lamps consist of a tungsten filament heated by the passage of an electric current to a temperature of 2400º Kelvin. At this temperature, most of the output (emission) is in the short wave infra-red band (1.2 microns). However, as with all tungsten filament lamps, the tungsten will evaporate in time and deposit itself on the wall of the lamp. To prevent this undesirable effect a small amount of halogen gas is added to the envelope of the lamp and hence a process of re-composition takes place as the tungsten evaporates it will combine with the halogen gas to form tungsten halide and so prevent the tungsten being deposited on the wall of the lamp. The tungsten halide will recombine with the filament releasing the halogen and re-depositing the tungsten on the filament. This process is a continuous one and is known as the halogen cycle.


  • pool cover

    is operating POOL COVER with ease

    More and more people accepts swimming as the best exercise to health and beauty. Swimming is no more a summer recreation. Year-round operation of swimming pool is demanded. A practical and user-friendly pool cover is very important for heat retention at pool water in Winter. Beside the effect of saving energy/cost, sparing the environment, keeping the water crystal clear, if correctly designed, some pool covers can match the need of beautiful pools and prevent accidents.

    Automatic Pool Cover
    A rigid-slatted pool covers are long-lasting, hard-wearing and child’s play to operate. There is no folding, no pulling, no winding up with a crank – it is all done with the press of a button. It is fully automatic. It can be one of your selection of safety covers. With a rigid-slatted pool cover, you are making an active contribution to environmental protection and, at the same time, considerably reducing the maintenance costs of your swimming pool. The energy saving can be as much as 80%. This means pleasant water temperatures and reduced energy consumption.

    Semi-Automatic Pool Cover
    A semi-automatic winding system is simple to install. It is available to suit any cover size up to 25 metres x 10 metres, and can be either wall or floor mounted. The unit is made from non-corroding components and is fitted with a 24V motor.

    Manual-Roller Pool Cover
    Whatever the size of your pool, a manual system, which will be easy to handle and require a minimum of site time.

    Choose from a range of winding equipment. This includes either a single or twin barreled system, with or without reduction gear box.

  • poolside filtration

    is enjoying your crystal clear pool with  P O O L S I D E  F I L T R A T I O N


    With patented technology from Europe, our Poolside Filtration System is capable of keeping your pool clean while also freeing up more space as a plant room is no longer necessary.  This decentralised filtration solution for home pools is the perfect solution for low-medium traffic private pools, joining the global trend of DfMA style construction with prefabricated pool filtration modules.  Pipeless filtration units can be selected according to the pool area. Larger pools will require more than one unit due to the limitation of water convection current and filtration rate.


    Rest assured that pool water quality will not be compromised with your space and money saved using our Poolside Filtration System. In addition to the Desjoyaux pipeless filtration unit clearing debris and particulates, the optional built-in salt chlorinator or our additional modules for chemical dosing and/or Ozone/UV disinfection can be installed to keep your pool from undesired organisms.  

  • spa & massage

    is enjoying a SENSUAL SPA at home anytime


    Spa is perhaps one of the best leisure activity for relaxing and improving health. To make sure we can suit your every need, we offer spa & massage tubs in different forms and sizes:
    –  packaged spa
    –  in-ground spa
    –  swim spa

  • steam room

    is sweating your troubles away in a STEAM SPA

    For a soothing and care-free steam spa treatment, you need a bespoke steam room in your place. Cozy Life designs and builds safe and robust steam systems, with the support of reliable steam room equipment from our European suppliers.

  • towel rail radiator

    is enjoying a warm fluffy towel after shower with TOWEL RAIL RADIATOR

    The wide range of modern Heated Towel Rails provide comfort and warmth in bathrooms, as well as cloakrooms and ensuite shower rooms.  Available in many shapes, finishes and sizes.
    –  Timer function for on-demand operation
    –  Dry running protection protects the radiator from over-heating
    –  Factory-assembled, elegantly integrated immersion heater reduces cost of installation
    –  The electric radiator provides warm towels and rooms all the year round
    –  Light and seamless design enhances any room
    –  Rounded edges offer added safety
    –  Easy cleaning with the lambswool cleaning brush from Zehnder (optional)

  • vitality pool

    is swimming and splashing in VITALITY POOL

    Water Curtain
    The cheerful splashing of flowing water will instantly turn any pool into a tempting bathing paradise. What sounds so vital and fresh also has an optical attraction – the revitalising moisture pours into your pool like a waterfall – in the form of a uniformed veil of water, a closed curtain, a round arc concentrated on a single point, a magnificent waterfall or a fully rounded screen, it lends a special architectural touch to the ambience.
    Hydro Bubble Massage
    Millions of fine water bubbles hit your body as if you are in a gushing mountain stream – revitalising, relaxing – a completely sensual experience. Enjoy the powerful tingling of fine airy water pearls in your pool. Make it an oasis of relaxation. It’s easy with the wide range of jet systems. Gentle vibrating massage jets will pamper you whenever you want and however you want. If you feel like a change, simply change the jets and create a new experience for yourself. A range of installation heights, positions in the pool wall and in seat niches mean that you can experience the gentle stimulation of your joints and metabolism or a pain-relieving relaxation massage of strained muscles again and again as if it were the first time. It will make you feel reborn.
    The wide area output flow creates a uniform counter current around the entire body, just like a wave in the ocean. The unique advantage: swimming against a counter current is no longer pointed at a single point, but is experienced on the full width of the body! The control is done through touch sensitive buttons, which react to the slightest contacts. The adjustable water flow is controlled through pump systems with energy saving frequency converters. With an extremely flat construction of only 25 mm height, the X–jet can also be installed effectively in the smaller pools.

  • wall radiator

    is waking up in winter with a DESIGNER RADIATOR

    Take inspiration from the wealth of shapes, colours and dimensions in our range of radiators to create a home bursting with personality. With multiple temperature settings on the control units, every room can be customized to maximise efficiency, economy and your comfort.
    –  Elegant, simple design
    –  Easy to clean
    –  Ideal ornament for narrow hallways
    –  Wide range of elegant accessories for a variety of combination options
    –  Wide range of models supports versatile use
    –  Short response time means rooms can be heated up rapidly
    –  High thermal output means large rooms are heated up rapidly
    –  Timer function for on-demand operation

  • warm water pool

    is swimming in winter in WARM WATER POOL

    To carry out swimming activity in cold weather, the common way is to heat up the pool water. The heating system links to the filtration system in parallel. Similarly, the energy source can be electric, gas, steam and solar.

    Heat pump is popular heater element in the application of pool heating because of high efficiency. Of course, electric boiler is another way to heat up the pool.

    Following is the components for the heating swimming pool system.

    1.Air/source water heat pump
    2.Electric water boiler.
    3.Steam to water boiler
    4.Heat Exchanger
    5.Dehumidification system.
    6.Pool cover

  • water heating system

    is enjoying HOT WATER BATH after a long day


    A quality shower time requires stable supply of warm water, that is where our profession could assist.  From system design to installation, Cozy Life serves you with a total solution of household / hospitality hot water supply with heat pumps, storage heater, or other equipment, depending on the application.