patio radiator

is enjoying winter scenery under PATIO RADIATOR


High Performance, High Efficiency Radiant Heat
S-Wave high intensity low light radiant heat produced by Solaira, like sunshine, gives warmth you can feel the instant the heaters are switched on. Consider a cool cloudy day that becomes instantly warm when the clouds move and you are in full sunshine. The air temperature did not change but what you are feeling is the shortwave infrared produced by the sun…like Solaira Heaters. This shortwave infrared IS NOT DANGEROUS ULTRAVIOLET (UV) as this is another part of the spectral wavelength produced by the sun.


Comfortable Radiant Heat
Solaira S-Wave low glare quartz halogen emitters lamps consist of a tungsten filament heated by the passage of an electric current to a temperature of 2400º Kelvin. At this temperature, most of the output (emission) is in the short wave infra-red band (1.2 microns). However, as with all tungsten filament lamps, the tungsten will evaporate in time and deposit itself on the wall of the lamp. To prevent this undesirable effect a small amount of halogen gas is added to the envelope of the lamp and hence a process of re-composition takes place as the tungsten evaporates it will combine with the halogen gas to form tungsten halide and so prevent the tungsten being deposited on the wall of the lamp. The tungsten halide will recombine with the filament releasing the halogen and re-depositing the tungsten on the filament. This process is a continuous one and is known as the halogen cycle.

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steam room

is sweating your troubles away in a STEAM SPA

For a soothing and care-free steam spa treatment, you need a bespoke steam room in your place. Cozy Life designs and builds safe and robust steam systems, with the support of reliable steam room equipment from our European suppliers.… Read More

vitality pool

is swimming and splashing in VITALITY POOL

Water Curtain
The cheerful splashing of flowing water will instantly turn any pool into a tempting bathing paradise. What sounds so vital and fresh also has an optical attraction – the revitalising moisture pours into your pool like a waterfall – in the form of a uniformed veil of water, a closed curtain, a round arc concentrated on a single point, a magnificent waterfall or a fully rounded screen, it lends a special architectural touch to the ambience.
Hydro Bubble Massage
Millions of fine water bubbles hit your body as if you are in a gushing mountain stream – revitalising, relaxing – a completely sensual experience. Enjoy the powerful tingling of fine airy water pearls in your pool. Make it an oasis of relaxation. It’s easy with the wide range of jet systems. Gentle vibrating massage jets will pamper you whenever you want and however you want. If you feel like a change, simply change the jets and create a new experience for yourself. A range of installation heights, positions in the pool wall and in seat niches mean that you can experience the gentle stimulation of your joints and metabolism or a pain-relieving relaxation massage of strained muscles again and again as if it were the first time. It will make you feel reborn.
The wide area output flow creates a uniform counter current around the entire body, just like a wave in the ocean. The unique advantage: swimming against a counter current is no longer pointed at a single point, but is experienced on the full width of the body! The control is done through touch sensitive buttons, which react to the slightest contacts. The adjustable water flow is controlled through pump systems with energy saving frequency converters. With an extremely flat construction of only 25 mm height, the X–jet can also be installed effectively in the smaller pools.… Read More

pool cover

is operating POOL COVER with ease

More and more people accepts swimming as the best exercise to health and beauty. Swimming is no more a summer recreation. Year-round operation of swimming pool is demanded. A practical and user-friendly pool cover is very important for heat retention at pool water in Winter. Beside the effect of saving energy/cost, sparing the environment, keeping the water crystal clear, if correctly designed, some pool covers can match the need of beautiful pools and prevent accidents.

Automatic Pool Cover
A rigid-slatted pool covers are long-lasting, hard-wearing and child’s play to operate. There is no folding, no pulling, no winding up with a crank – it is all done with the press of a button. It is fully automatic. It can be one of your selection of safety covers. With a rigid-slatted pool cover, you are making an active contribution to environmental protection and, at the same time, considerably reducing the maintenance costs of your swimming pool. The energy saving can be as much as 80%. This means pleasant water temperatures and reduced energy consumption.

Semi-Automatic Pool Cover
A semi-automatic winding system is simple to install. It is available to suit any cover size up to 25 metres x 10 metres, and can be either wall or floor mounted. The unit is made from non-corroding components and is fitted with a 24V motor.

Manual-Roller Pool Cover
Whatever the size of your pool, a manual system, which will be easy to handle and require a minimum of site time.

Choose from a range of winding equipment. This includes either a single or twin barreled system, with or without reduction gear box.… Read More