Bathroom Sauna

Believed to provide a variety of positive effects towards heart health, mental wellness, pain management, detoxification, immune boosting, and weight maintenance, sauna is often regarded as a healthy habit to pick up in daily life, and so is a comfortable warm water bath.



Our range of Harvia bathroom saunas are designed to fit in every bathroom with their compactness and extra water-proofing feature. While most of the sauna cabins are designed for multiple users or built in a dedicated sauna room, these bathroom saunas are great options for users who appreciate some me time or intimate moments with the partner.


Apart from traditional sauna, any shower cubicle can also become a steam sauna cabin with our steam column, which features everything you need for a lovely steam sauna including optional fragrance, as well as an overhead rainshower and a hand shower for you to complete the experience with a comfortable bath time.