wall radiator

is waking up in winter with a DESIGNER RADIATOR

Take inspiration from the wealth of shapes, colours and dimensions in our range of radiators to create a home bursting with personality. With multiple temperature settings on the control units, every room can be customized to maximise efficiency, economy and your comfort.
–  Elegant, simple design
–  Easy to clean
–  Ideal ornament for narrow hallways
–  Wide range of elegant accessories for a variety of combination options
–  Wide range of models supports versatile use
–  Short response time means rooms can be heated up rapidly
–  High thermal output means large rooms are heated up rapidly
–  Timer function for on-demand operation… Read More

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about us

Life, is coming home after another busy working day. Cozy life, is resting at a home full of comforting warmth, following by a relaxing homemade healthy spa.  cozy lifeis the style you deserve. With our expertise and sophistication, Cozy Life … Read More

floor warming

is walking barefoot with FLOOR WARMING

Electric heating cables are an effective and economic method of adding a cozy feel to a naturally cold ceramic, marble or stone type floors in winter. Even in summer, these types of floors can be very uncomfortable. These cables have solved this problem, making your beautiful floors one of the most sensuous and inviting aspects of your home.

Installed beneath the surface of the floor, these cables will heat the floor to a comfortably warm temperature with a minimum use of electricity and will provide many years of maintenance-free comfort.… Read More