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  • air heating system

    is staying home in winter with AIR HEATING SYSTEM

    Our Air Duct Heater Module is designed and factory-assembled as an insertion unit to existing or newly built ductworks.  Upon ex-factory, it is completed with all components, including compartment(s), terminal cabinet, heating element(s), protective devices, control, wiring and insulation, on selection of client.

    It is commonly applied in all kinds of air heating systems, including
    –  Comfort heating
    –  Fresh air preheating
    –  Air reheating
    –  Process heating

  • indoor fresh air system

    is refreshing your home with INDOOR FRESH AIR SYSTEM

    With the sophisticated integration of heat recovery module, heat pump module, air treatment module and accessories, Cozy Life provides you a total ventilation solution for a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate. The combination of cleaned fresh air supply, well-regulated air temperature and controlled humidity serves you naturally comfortable climate in indoor area.
    –  Optimal supply of oxygen, draught-free indoor air, no mildew, fine filters for allergy sufferers
    –  Constant air exchange prevents moisture and mildew formation and damage to the building structure
    –  Optional pre-tempered air in winter and summer
    –  Award-winning designer grilles to suit every kind of interior design
    –  Complete solutions for all areas of application, customised to the building and suited to all budgets
    –  Energy savings up to 50%, heat recovery up to 95%

  • mist-free mirror

    is looking at a MIST-FREE MIRROR after a warm shower

    Condensation on a bathroom mirror is not only an annoyance to persons attending to their appearance but it also destroys the ambience of the bathroom and quite literally gives a poor reflection of the creative skills of the designer.

    Be in the ranks of internationally acclaimed architects, interior experts, engineers, developers and hoteliers designing to the 21st century standards of excellence in interior fitout, you must consider mistfree mirror system(s) in your project(s).

    Whether for new projects or the refurbishment of existing properties, Mirror Heater Packs must be selected for their superior designs, quality, efficiency, safety features and proven record of maintenance-free performance against where mirrors may fog-up.

  • moist-free wardrobe

    is putting on warm & dry clothes from MOIST-FREE WARDROBE

    Our Moist-Free Wardrobe System consists of a specially designed panel with patented technology, adding just enough heat to the wardrobe environment for natural humidity control. The minimal design harmonises with any wardrobe interiors seamlessly, not obstructing your free access to warm and mold-free clothes.